Leslie Cruz was born in  Minneapolis, Minnesota.   She is the oldest child of Christine Fyle.  When Leslie was six years old she moved with her mom, Christine to the small town of Cable, Wisconsin.  This enabled Leslie to receive a more in-depth education than she had received in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She was raised by her mom and grandmother, Effie, until her grandmother’s passing in 1992.   Leslie lived in Cable, Wisconsin until she graduated from Drummond High School.

Leslie attended the elementary schools in Cable and Drummond before progressing to the junior and senior high schools in Drummond, Wisconsin. She graduated with Honors from High School. After graduation, she left for the United States Army. She spent 4 years in the U.S. Army; the majority of the time spent on Fort Belvoir, Virginia as a Chaplain Assistant assigned to the U. S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.  She became a U.S. government contractor upon the end of her time in service (ETS) in 1998. 

Leslie spent many years working in office administration.  Currently she is involved in several personal projects and clubs.  A member of a several book clubs; she has found that they have widened the range of literature that she reads. Leslie is  currently  building her photographic and literary portfolios. She has several projects in the fire and believes that they will come to fruition within the next few years.

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