Back Again

Well, here is to a new year and a new start.  Haven’t written in this blog in a very long time.   In the future, I plan on having at least two blog posts per week on various topics.  Most likely on Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday.  

I embarked on a new career in 2015.  Basically, a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)/Home Healthcare Aide in the state of Virginia.  It has been an interesting transition from an Administrative Assistant.  It is hopefully a step towards becoming a Registered Nurse, as that is what I really would like to do with the rest of my working years.

I still have an interest in becoming a published author, as well.   I am working towards that endeavor each week.  I have a goal of writing 2,000 words per week in my novel.  So far I met my goals.

Although I haven’t worked much on my photography as of late. Going to school in 2015 and working 40-80 hours per week has eaten the time I have to devote to developing my hobbies.  I plan to resume my photographic endeavors in 2016, hopefully.


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